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Focused on Forever was inspired by a young life spent with family on Stony Point Farm, our grandfathers love for training and grooming racehorses and one of the biggest traditions in the Bluegrass, the Kentucky Derby. Horses in the Derby wear blinders that keep them focused from distractions during the race. Watching them resonated with me during my personal journey to have my own form of blinders that would keep me focused on my own path.  This line is designed to symbolize those same blinders that serve to keep us focused on our path to our forever!


Focused on Forever also encourages post-secondary education by providing a scholarship to the Legacy Equine Academy of Lexington! 





Website Manager

Research and Product Development


Favorite Focus Quote:  "Being able to put your blinders on, ignore negative opinions, and follow your strong intuition is what's validating to me. It's a great feeling to know you can trust your gut." 

-Whitney Wolfe Herd


Brandy Ashford, Visionary



Business Relations and Consultant

Company Direction


Favorite Focus Quote:  "Often times in life you will come to a road block, you can either turn away or go through it, those who succeed you know the path they took"

Business Relations

Kevin Woodard



Industry Research

Process Development 


Favorite Focus Quote:  ”Thoughts turn into things! Positive or negative! Focus on your goals and manifest your future!”

Business Development

Charles Ashford

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Business Relations

Overseer of Focused on Forever LLC. 

Investment Relations


Favorite Focus Quote:  "Dreams without goals remain dreams and ultimately fuels disappointment. Between goals and the road to achievement, are discipline and consistency!"

-Denzel Washington

Legal Affairs

Martin Ashford



Inventory Management


Favorite Focus Quote:  “Focus on the possibilities for success, not the potential for failure”

Product Management

Vanielle McKee



Customer Satisfaction

Favorite Focus Quote:  “Stay focused on your goals,your peace,& your happiness. Don't waste your time on anything that doesn’t contribute to your GROWTH!"

Client Services

 Brittney Woodard