• Brandy Ashford

Kentucky Living

So, we did a thing... We took advantage of some of the most beautiful aspects of our Kentucky home #LakeLiving

Take a Leap... Literally

This day could not have gotten any better as we climbed the Cliff to take a dive. The moment was symbolic because there are many times in our lives where the paths to our goals scare us (because everything worth having IS NOT easy to get).

My turn... I was afraid, the words of Garfield Sewell and Jenn Mueller rang in my head, “sometimes you have to take that leap.”

I jumped... I survived... I heard my husband say “she came up looking different and everything!“

That meant something to me. I conquered a fear and came out different.


I challenge you to take a Leap of faith toward your goal! You grow by moving out of your comfort zone... As you grow, you get closer to reaching your goal... Your Forever! Be the author of your destiny!



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